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          Over the past 21 years, Boyuan Spray has emerged as a leading domestic enterprise in the spray industry, renowned for its unparalleled quality, stellar reputation, and impressive cost-effectiveness. The company has especially carved out an irreplaceable position in the cutting-edge sector. With a unique international perspective and a forward-looking mindset, Boyuan Spray has taken the global stage, forging partnerships with Panasonic Corporation, and the establishment of offices.


          At Boyuan Spray, we are committed to providing customers with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly spray solutions. Just yesterday, Boyuan Spray, in collaboration with Panasonic, successfully completed and passed the acceptance inspection for the intelligent humidification atomization system project in the SMT workshop. With the implementation of this jointly developed system, annual gas consumption has decreased by 77%, from 464,000 cubic meters to 105,000 cubic meters. Carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 50% and customers are now saving over 40,000 yuan in electricity costs annually, a 73% decrease compared to before. In the future, through larger-scale and more comprehensive projects, Boyuan Spray will continue to lead the high-quality development of the humidification industry, constantly creating value for customers, and contributing to the achievement of the "dual carbon" targets.


          The relocation of Boyuan Spray's new factory signifies that the company is taking on a greater mission and responsibility. Moving forward, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality as our core value, and regard meeting customer demands as our duty. We will strengthen our focus on quality, upholding the craftsmanship spirit instilled by our founder, Mr. Ye, and embodying this spirit in every position and aspect. It is our hope that all our partners here today will join hands and move forward together, creating a brighter future.


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